Boost your site by making use of a US Based Semi-dedicated Plan.

If you realize that your cloud hosting account isn’t an acceptable solution for your web presence, but a dedicated server costs too much and too difficult to manage, then you’ll be able to make full use of our US semi–dedicated servers.

A Linux semi-dedicated plan is really a one of a kind mix from a shared website hosting account and a dedicated server , which offers the best of the two platforms. It gives you the potential of a dedicated server (but without the frequent server administration tasks), wrapped in a user–friendly Web Hosting Control Panel that is included with all our cloud hosting plans right after you sign up.

And due to their individuality, our semi–dedicated servers can be found only in our USA datacenter. It actually was the original data center where we were in a position to set up our custom cloud hosting platform and it offers unequalled power and cooling solutions. We also have created a custom–made internal network based on enterprise–class Juniper routers and switches. This is the way we can guarantee a 99.9% network uptime with all our US Based Semi-dedicated Plans

One of the many features of our US–based semi–dedicated servers is the PIXELSPECK Web Hosting Control Panel. It is bundled 100’ free with all semi–dedicated servers and has been made to be running in the cloud. In this manner, we free your server from being required to power up the Control Panel and your websites together. You can utilize the full server power exclusively for your websites. In addition, the Web Hosting Control Panel is bundled with free tools and add–ons that will give a boost to your website.

Other US Hosting Services

The USA datacenter is in addition the home of several other web hosting services in addition to our US semi–dedicated servers. We offer cloud hosting packages based on a one–of–a–kind cloud hosting platform. Each US Based Shared Website Hosting package boasts a cafe domain name for just $9.99 and limitless disk space and traffic allocations. Additionally, you can consider our US Based VPS Web Hosting Plans, which have solid–state disks offering unrivalled file access speeds. You can go for a US Based Dedicated Web Hosting Plans – the top web hosting solution for people with a live video streaming website or a high CPU dependent web application.